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I have spent over five years working as a graphic designer, both as a freelancer and within a design agency.  I've had the agency job, but felt like there was a disconnect between my work and the client. Having client managers handle all client interactions took away that personal element of design and I loved the interactions with my own clients as a freelancer. I had always wanted to start my own business and so after over five years of freelancing and working in an agency, I took the leap to start my own design studio.

I now have the freedom to work on my own projects and work closely with clients, meet new people and learn about so many different businesses, which I love! One of my favourite parts of design is working with new and small businesses and then watching them grow and helping people start their own business journeys.

Collaboration Over Competition

We are all about creating a design community rather than worrying about competition. In an industry where a lot of us work alone from home, we believe we should be supporting each other. Not only do we offer a great service for designers to get some support and advice, but we also have resources available to help designers and social media posts and tutorials aimed at designers. Likewise, we are open and transparent about our services and pricing without worrying about our competitors seeing this. We are all about transparency and working together in a community of designers. 

Creating Strategic Designs

We put brand strategy at the heart of every design. By researching your customers and how to reach them, we create bespoke design solutions that are aimed directly at the people you need to expand and grow your business. Growth and development is all about reaching the right people, not tons of people and we help you to do this through expertly crafted branding, marketing material and website design.

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Want to find out a little bit more about our services or about how to get your project started? Then get in touch to enquire.

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