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Your trusted design partner to reduce your workload, and increase your workload efficiencey


We are an independent graphic design studio based in Southampton, UK. With over six years of experience as a freelance graphic designer, we have successfully collaborated with businesses of all sizes and fellow designers, offering our services on a white label basis. Having personally experienced the challenges of time constraints and meeting client deadlines, we understand the pressure that designers face. That's why we are now dedicating more attention to building relationships with designers who require extra support.



At Laura Thomas Graphic Design, we specialise in crafting creative and strategic designs that align perfectly with your vision and the needs of your clients. We strongly believe in collaboration, working closely with you to ensure that our designs reflect integrate into your design portfolio seamlessly and meet all the requirements of your clients.

We understand that as a designer, your time is often limited and looming deadlines and a heavy workload can be stressful. By partnering with us for our white label design services, you can free up valuable time to take on new projects, expand your client base, and focus on the aspects of your work that you need to.  This increased efficiency ultimately translates into higher earnings as you can take on more clients and deliver exceptional results within shorter timeframes.

Our extensive experience in working on a white label basis makes us the ideal choice for designers seeking reliable and trusted support. We have a deep understanding of the dynamics involved in collaborating with other designers and businesses, ensuring smooth communication and seamless integration of our designs into your workflow.

By choosing our white label design services, you can confidently expand your capabilities, elevate your client offerings, and establish long-term relationships with satisfied clients. To find out more about our white label services and how we can help share your workload, please contact us today.


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