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Oaken is company that I worked with closely to develop a brand that captured the heart of their business... organic produce. Oaken are all about grow sustainable, fresh produce which is a theme carried throughout the branding. During conversations with Oaken, it quickly became apparent that their branding needed to convey that fresh, natural element. I therefore implemented some strategic design choices that I carried through, across their branding. Firstly, the use of greens in their primary colour palette, instantly connected to the fresh produce and also green, open fields, nature and health, all of which are at the heart of this brand. Their logo, incorporated two oak leaves to play on the idea of "oak" within Oaken, and also is another nod to nature and sustainability. Finally, the imagery I selected to use across marketing materials all captures fresh, natural scenery with free-range animals, bright green crops and hearty soil. All these elements combine to produce a really coherent and effective brand, that instantly communicates what this brand is all about.

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