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Pinch of spice is an Indian restaurant that focuses on bold, traditional flavours. They came to me looking for equally bold branding that stood out from the typical Indian restaurants. Their primary request was for branding that was both playful and bold.

Planner design for Pinch of Spice

Pinch of Spice logo
Pinch of Spice menu front cover design

Pinch of Spice wanted to brand themselves in a way that played into their bold flavours and use of spices. With a lot of the spices they use being orange and red in colour, this set the tone for the brand colour palette. The shades of orange used throughout not only relate the spices, but also create a bold and memorable brand aesthetic. To create branding that really stands out, we moved away from typical restaurant branding, including the elephant as a focal point for the branding and logo.

About the project

Pinch of Spice elephant logo design
Pinch of Spice take-away bag design
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