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Henry and Me is a dog training service based locally in Portsmouth, run by the dedicated and passionate Tracy. She approached me seeking a comprehensive branding solution, which encompassed a website, game sheets, roller banners, business cards, flyers and more. The main driver behind this project was the need for a fun and professional brand image that clearly communicated their brand values, but that also kept it personal and incorporated her dog Henry into the heart of the brand.

Brand design for Henry & Me

The main objective of this project was to create professional branding centred around Henry. The comprehensive branding and marketing efforts have made Henry and Me a recognisable and trusted name in dog training within the Portsmouth area. The custom illustrations and personalised elements have resonated well with clients, enhancing brand loyalty and engagement. By customising each illustration, I was able to ensure each one reflected Henry to keep him at the heart of every deliverable. The new website was also needed to help Tracy reach new clients, to provide information and allow people to book their classes. This has provided a strong online presence, facilitating better client communication and service promotion.

About the project

Henry and Me logo
Henry and Me website design
Henry and Me flyer design
Henry and Me printed game sheets
Henry and Me secondary logo
Henry and Me business cards
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